Vogel Crystals

Chakra vogel crystal

Marcel Joseph Vogel (1917-1991) was a research scientist for IBM's San Jose facility for 27 years. In the 1970's Marcel did pioneering work in man-plant communication experiments. This led him to the investigation of the relationship between crystals and water. He discovered he could structure water by spinning it around the crystal. 

In retrospect it seems that his entire life brought him to this work. In 1984, after almost 27 years as an IBM senior research scientist, Marcel retired and created his own laboratory, Psychic Research Inc. This lab was dedicated to the study of subtle forces and energies that radiate from the human body. 

It was Marcel's intent to quantify these forces and build a systematic language of identification for these energies. Some of his projects were: 

  • The structuring of water for purification purposes

  • The structuring of wines to rapidly age them

  • The measurement of energy fields around a crystal

  • The therapeutic application of crystals and crystal devices

Chakra vogel crystal (not cut)

One of Marcel's co workers, Dr. Bernard McGinty spoke at Marcel's funeral on February 14th, 1991. This was apart of his eulogy about Marcel Vogal; 

"Those of us who are scientists or physicians and who worked with Marcel Vogel were well aware of his scientific achievements: his extraordinary work with phosphors, bio luminescence, luminescent paints and the design of magnetic disc coatings in computers. He was one of the most prolific scientists in IBM history with over 100 patents in his name. He made his mark because of the brilliance of his mind, his prolific ideas, and his seemingly limitless creativity. But it is not his scientific work that I want to talk about. For it is his work with the Spirit, his great spiritual strength, his wonderful capacity to love that I will always remember Marcel." 

"I was one of a group of 16 physicians privileged to work with him over a number of years with body energies, especially the capacity to focus healing energies with crystals in treatment of illness. Under Marcel's guidance it brought us an even greater capacity to appreciate the power of the mind to influence illness, the power to both heal and exacerbate disease. And, most important of all, to appreciate the incredible presence of unconditional love for Christ, and whose devotion was part of his very breathing. Yet he embraced with a deep understanding the teaching the Eastern religions with an especial love and admiration for Buddha." 

"He possessed the ability to see beyond the confines and formal structure of church teaching to appreciate the underlying principles in all devout religions. Marcel would have been just as comfortable in a Tibetan monastery as he was in this Church. And just as comfortable and compatible in the presence of the Dalai Lama as he would in the presence of the Pope."