Jessica W. 

I was facing some battles within myself. Fighting with myself internally. Feeling dependent on certain things. After having a crystal bed session I was able to let go of some built up emotions and cope with them through meditation. I was being taken on a journey and my inner soul felt clean and crystal clear. The following 2 months I continued to shed these burdens and began to feel light, listening to the guidance that was given to me. Shortly after, we found out that we were pregnant with baby #2, which has been such a  blessing in itself. Also during that period I passed my state insurance exam that I was struggling with before I met Debbie. She brought such direction and light into my life!
My fiance had some court dates toward the end of my pregnancy due to some unresolved issues from the past. The way it fell, there was a possibility that if the judge ruled a certain way that he wouldn't be able to experience the birth of our second child. Of course this got our nerves and emotion running. I asked Debbie to do a remote crystal bed reading. She gladly accepted. The court date was finally here and to our surprise at court they rescheduled the hearing for 2.5 weeks after our due date. We were so ecstatic! In the end it all worked out in our best interest and he gets to move forward and put the past behind!

Teresa B.

Debbie is an incredible, caring person, very perceptive, intuitive and always ready to help. She has done a dozen remote Crystal Bed Healing sessions for me since I was diagnosed with cancer at the end of November 2016. During the sessions I can perceive her energy and feel very relaxed. After each session she has sent me the information she got during the session and describes the scent she used, the music she played, the images she got, etc. I eagerly look forward to receiving her email... each one is more beautiful than the previous! The information she gives me and symbolism of everything she uses and sees resonates with me, is very insightful and meaningful, and helps me work through this process I am going through. 

Amanda O. 

I was having a difficult pregnancy; stressed and worried. After my session I was much more relaxed and able to connect with my baby. After an ultrasound with some concerning results, my son had several remote Crystal Bed sessions via ultrasound photo. 4 weeks later at a follow-up appointment all of his scans came back vastly improved. We now have a healthy baby boy! 

Sue D.

I didn't know what to expect when I decided to try Crystal Bed Therapy. I have been experiencing a pinched nerve in my lower back and it had greatly impaired my day-to-day living and my mental state of mind. Debbie's warm and comforting nature made me feel at ease. I entered with an open mind and heart. During the process, I felt comfort, lightness of being, and peace. When the session was over, I left with a sense that my path to healing had begun. 

Joyce B. 

Debbie is a very gifted and loving woman. Her ability to establish energetic connections with other dimensions is magnified with the use of the Crystal Bed Therapy. The information Debbie gathered while I was peacefully with the crystals, was deeply profound and spiritually uplifting. Her heart filled intention is felt from the moment you walk through the door!

Leah N.

I asked for guidance because we were having obstacle after obstacle with a home construction project. After receiving some insights, our project was jump started and is now well on the way to completion. Furthermore, we have been approved for a vastly larger home loan than we had anticipated. Now we are getting a new roof and siding as well. Our household roadblocks have been completely removed.