The Seven Chakras

The Root Chakra is a deep red in color. It governs your family history. How you felt growing up, your overall biography. The Root Chakra governs the tip of your toes to your hips,every bone, muscle and tendon. The colon, static nerves and coccyx (tailbone). The secondary function governs your blood and bone marrow. The main function of the Root Chakra is to pull up the earth energy from the center of the earth. This function protects your physical body and provides a grounded connection aiding you in making choices that reflect a sense of balance. This is important before working on a client to ground yourself. 

Chakra Exercise - Grounding: Remove your shoes. Stomp around your house or outdoors (outdoors is best) completely barefoot. Form your hands into fists, punch towards the earth while stomping say this phrase: "I deserve to be here, and I live here in joy." Do this exercise for 1 minute everyday.

The Sacral Chakra is bright orange in color and is located at the sacrum or belly button area. This chakra is about passion, creativity, finances, intimate relationships, reproduction, and personal friends. This chakra governs the reproductive organs, kidneys, adrenal glands, appendix and bladder. When we are unhappy in more ways than one in any of these areas the energy you have becomes stifled. Stagnant energy in the pelvis reduces creativity, and takes away from our choices we make leaving us feeling numb. If you can't feel then you're not moving the energy very well through out your body and that means a reduction in life force.

Chakra Exercise - Balancing: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, begin to rotate your hips. First clockwise for 1 minute. When you are rotating your hips to the left you are activating your masculine energy. When you are rotating to yhe right you are activating the female energy. Therefore balancing your male and female energies through your emotional response center. 

The Solar Plexis Chakra is lemon in color and is located between the opening of your rib cage. This chakra governs the immune system, gall bladder, spleen, stomach, liver, pancreas as well as the small intestinal track. It's all about self love. The human race is collectively working on the solar plexus, which is why autoimmune disorders are increasing. The energy that we put out, what is in the one is in the whole. The first three chakra's vibrate at a lower frequency. These three chakras, the Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra and the Solar Plexis Chakra are considered the primal chakras that help keep us alive and are connected to what we do every day. 

Chakra Exercise - Recharging: Begin with stretching your arms straight out from your shoulders (like you're a plane). Then rock your torso back and forth without moving your hips. This rocking motion will move your rib cage, which then rubs your third chakra causing it to charge with vital energy. 

The Heart Chakra is deep emerald green in color and is located in the upper chest. This chakra is about love, giving and receiving. If you are not receiving then you're not showing love to the person you came here for, yourself. Although the chakras vary in size, the heart chakra can fill your entire chest cavity if you are in empathy. An empathy is a person that can feel the emotions of others. This chakra also governs the heart, lungs, breast, rib cage, thymus gland, and the hands. The Heart Chakra begins the movement into the higher vibration of chakras. when we move in the right action regarding the heart chakra, we understand universal love and law. This knowledge creates a better awareness and higher frequencies that relate to speaking your truth and becoming who truly are, a unique, talented and powerful individual. 

Chakra Exercise - Balance: This simple and quick exercise helps reduce anxiety and quickly balances your fourth chakra. Use several fingers to gently tap your mid-sternum for one minute. If you have a high level of stress, tap for several minutes.)

The Throat Chakra is light blue in color and is located in the middle of your neck. It governs your throat, mouth, teeth, gums, esophagus, thyroid gland and parts of your shoulders and arms. The emotional component is to speak your truth without your mind renegotiating your feelings. The Throat Chakra is one of the highest power chakras in the physical body. Your personal power is being in alignment with your souls highest potential. 

Chakra Exercise - Balancing: To open your throat chakra and receive empowering energy, begin this exercise by speaking out loud in a made-up language using guttural sounds (when you speak in harsh tones you will release pent up energy from when you held it in to prevent yourself form hurting another)

The Third Eye Chakra is deep indigo in color and is located in the center of your forehead. When this chakra is vibrating at its highest point, it governs the five senses and the brain. Through awareness of the third eye, we can become multi-sensory beings. It is our birth right to see, feel, and hear beyond our three dimensional world. How else can you gain insight into who you are and your true path in life?

Chakra Exercise - Recharge: Quick and easy exercise will energetically strengthen your sixth chakra. First, sit down while keeping your head still, make large circles with your eyes in a clockwise direction for 15 seconds. Then change the direction and repeat for 15 seconds. Follow by looking right to left for 15 seconds. Finishing with looking up and down for 15 seconds.

The Crown Chakra is violet in color and is located on the top of your head. This is your vortex about individuation and your feelings about religion and or spirituality. The journey of ones soul into their divinity is through this chakra. The Crown Chakra governs the central nervous system, and all your skin. There are three chakras that extend outside of the physical body: The Root Chakra, Third Eye, and the Crown Chakra. 

Chakra Exercise - Feeling Unconditional Love: Start by using all 10 fingers to gently tap the top of your head. Close your eyes and imagine a warm light flooding into the top of your head. After a moment think of something or someone that you truly love. Imagine the love that you have for this person or thing and think of yourself while transforming the love you have for this person into love for yourself. 

All Chakra Exercises provided by Marie Macnuchehri, RN -